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Artist Services

Creating NFTs can appear like Alchemy to the uninitiated, which is why Diagonal Alley exists, to transmute lead into gold on your behalf.

We recognise that the true magic lies with you, the artist, and that you are already in possession of digital assets. So, we start by providing the technical services to create NFTs of your work and launch them onto the digital marketplace that is best for you.

Next, we work on your behalf to promote your work to a global and growing audience, connecting you to buyers and collectors in the digital realm.

As NFTs are paid for with cryptocurrency, we can set up or manage crypto accounts for you so that you can be paid in your local currency.

As art often appreciates in value over time it is possible that your NFT will be sold onto other collectors in the future. We believe that artists should receive further royalties on future sales, we are working on creating NFTs with smart contracts that continue to pay you if your work is sold on to other collectors.

If as an artist you wish to take residence in the metaverse we provide a range of educational, training, and support services so that you can create your own NFTs and get paid in cryptocurrency.

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